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 Click the Map to Query 
Sourceforge may block file_get_contents(), if so, try:
working example (same code) click here

To use the query, you need remote_get.php 
(in tar, zip files).  Then turn on querying:
omap.doQuery = 1. and set omap.mapQueryCallback  
to handle the query result. see the javascript 
in this page for an example or:

omap = new WMap('div',layer);
omap.doQuery = 1;
omap.mapQueryCallback = function(queryResult){
    // or, since alert's are so annoying
    // convert '\n' to '<br/>'
    var qr = queryResult.split('\n').join('<br/>');
    // where 'somediv' is the id of a div
    $('somediv').innerHTML = qr

you will likely want to parse out select
results, not just dump like this...

Please send suggestions on how to implement
querying, this is just a first cut.